Due to quite a bit of growth in these last few months the Life with Christ was forced to upgrade. This is good news! We are now on our very own dedicated server.

What this means is we now have more server resources, more bandwidth and more flexibility than ever. The server move was made this morning at 12:00 AM EST and seems to have went very well.

I have checked the system as well as I can and find no faults, but please, if you find something that is not working as it should, please add a comment to this news article. Using this news article as the “bug” collector for the server move will ensure that everyone knows what problems (if any) have already been reported, what has been fixed already, etc…

Thank you for your patience these past few weeks when Life with Christ was having server difficulties due to the increase in traffic. This new dedicated server should solve our problems until our next growth spirt. So, go, tell your friends about the new and improved LwC! We can handle them now!!!


Life with Christ is all about living your life for God to the fullest. One thing we feel is important is to share your faith, share your life, learn from past lessons and also keep accountable and in contact with other sincere Christians. Blogs are perfect for this! So, Life with Christ was created for the purpose of hosting free Blogs for Christians.

Along the way, LwC has developed into much more than just blogs. We are a dynamic internet community with forums, prayer requests, Christian articles, and much more.

We hope that you find this site both fun and helpful.